Team Development

For nearly three decades, Burton-Fuller Management has used The Birkman Method® to assess team tendencies and needs.


We Create Strategies for Teams to Thrive

Successful teams have clear purpose along with effective relationships and processes.  Through our team function analysis, we take a tailored approach to assessing each team’s strategic and immediate needs.  Each group facilitation is different because each team has unique needs. We are known for designing highly effective methods for helping the group change to achieve goals.


Assess Team Members

The best leaders know that to get results they must keep their teams motivated. The Birkman Method® has a 60-year history of reliably identifying each person’s motivational needs, the behaviors that will occur when those needs are met, and the reactions that will happen when they are not. It is a solid, well researched profile that reveals how individuals are likely to function within an organization. It has brought dramatic, strategic change to a long list of high performing individuals and organizations worldwide.


“A quality that I consider unique about Burton-Fuller is their ability to create value in all phases: program development, program delivery, post program delivery evaluation and follow-up.  I consider them a very valuable resource that has served me well for over 12 years.


In my organization of 170 Associates, the Birkman Method offers something tangible for the team, the manager and the individual.  I have used Burton-Fuller Management and the Birkman Method with a number of teams. Without fail, each team has immediately benefitted from the experience.”

Raymond LaCour, Senior VP , Raymond James & Associates, Tampa, FL


Analyze Team Strengths and Challenges

Burton-Fuller Management consultants meet individually with team members and leaders to get a clear read of the team’s beliefs about how it is functioning.  We listen deeply and probe to collect information related to how the individuals perceive the team’s strengths and challenges, and we solicit their ideas for change.


“The opportunity to work with Mary Ruth and Burton-Fuller Management was incredibly valuable to the Atlantic 10 staff.   The advance work, assessing staff strengths and weakness was professionally rewarding for all and will benefit everyone for many years to come. This preparation set the tone for an excellent staff retreat which resulted in a more efficient work environment, increased enthusiasm and a better understanding of co-workers decision making.  I believe the conference office became more productive in servicing the membership.”

Bernadette V. McGlade, Commissioner,  Atlantic 10 Conference



Facilitate Team Development

Based on our careful assessment, Burton-Fuller consultants facilitate sessions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your team. They are interactive, dynamic and allow the individuals to discover solutions and form agreements.  Facilitated use of the Birkman data provides a way to help team members leverage their differences to enhance team success.


“I have engaged Burton-Fuller Management and Mary Ruth Burton for assignments related to the start-up of three different organizations – one in high-tech (Hewlett-Packard) and two in financial services.  I have been impressed with the way Burton-Fuller fully assesses the needs of their client and develops individualized programs to address the situation.  I would liken engaging Burton-Fuller to having an extremely competent friend in the business, always there and available to provide support and practical advice that ensures your success.”

Scott Heslink, Sr. Vice President, The Rowboat Company



Our consultants follow up post-session to discuss results, progress and strategies for moving forward.


“Burton-Fuller Management helped my team of scientists fully understand the potential impact of individual behavior on their work environment.  Since the team participated in the program, I have noticed significantly improved communication and patience.  Additionally, Burton-Fuller Management’s application of the Birkman allows me to assign projects based on interests and strengths rather than just experiences and skills. "


Fortune 50 Corporation




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