Executive Coaching

Burton-Fuller Management consultants work with leaders one-on-one to assess their natural strengths and enhance their leadership skills.  We examine their approach to roles and evaluate their needs based on current and future roles.  Our intent is to take the individual closer to achieving his or her personal vision to the benefit of the organization.

Clients served include CEOs of Fortune 500 organizations, executives, middle managers and key professionals.  We also offer a coaching program for retiring executives.

Engaging an external coach is helpful when:

• A leader must quickly acclimate to a new team or new role

• Major transitions are imminent

• A leader has high potential for success and needs stronger leadership skills

• New executives need on-boarding to adapt to a new culture and role

• Succession planning is crucial

• Undesirable behaviors are apparent

• Leadership bench strength is necessary

Burton-Fuller Management has a proven process that we adapt to meet individual needs.  Our process includes assessment, analysis, feedback, concrete development planning and follow-up.  The results have been life changing for many of our clients.



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